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The Nutrinet

Headquartered in Athens GREECE, NUTRINET is an interactive platform, where users (regardless of their state of health, age or medical history) are able to access scientific and evidence based advice and guidelines concerning their nutritional needs, in order to achieve better health. NUTRINET aims to provide users with the option to calculate their exact calorie needs, tracking food and calorie consumption and in addition to monitor daily food intake. NUTRINET contains a rich and continuously updated food database including Foods for Specific Groups (FSGs) (e.g. infant formula), sample diets, and food-drug interactions in order to assist a healthy individual or patient to control and improve his/ her nutritional consumption, when necessary.

Furthermore, the user can have the opportunity to be educated on topics about nutrition and its important effect on health and overall quality of life. Last, but not least, a primary objective of NUTRINET is to implement an initial nutritional status assessment (screening) (well nourished, malnourished, over-nourished/obese) and to identify nutrition problems, modifiable risk factors and the special interventions required. Early identification and intervention can ultimately result in:

  • prevention of disease progression and
  • reduction the frequency and severity of disease symptoms, progression and complications.

Generally, NUTRINET, helps everyone to live as normal and healthy as possible.


Scientific Committee

Christina Kostara, Nutritionist Dietitian, MMedSci

Katerina Koutri, Nutritionist Dietitian

Panos Papandreou, Clinical Pharmacist, PharmD

Dr. Maria Skouroliakou, Clinical Pharmacist, Professor at Charokopio University

Thomai Karagiozoglou-Lampoudi, Paediatrician Gastroenterologist, Professor at ATEI of Thessaloniki

Georgios Papandreou, BS Economics and Finance


Scientific Background
Nutrition Assessment
Personal Nutrition Diary