What can Nutrinet do for you?

Nutrinet is a broad-service experience, founded and implementing by a team of health professionals with high level of knowledge and expertise, that will screen your nutritional status, educate you via scientific evidence-based advice and guidelines, give you valid information about the energy, nutrients and other data of the foods in the portion consumed. Nutrinet will help you in establishing and reaching nutritional and physical exercise goals for the promotion and maintenance of health and well-being in all stages of life!

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Αccess your dashboard for a daily overview of the most important features, check your progress, monitor daily energy (calorie) and nutrient intake through your nutrition diary and the list goes on!

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Intensity and duration of physical activity play important role for fitness and health! Find out the intensity of your physical activity/ exercise, estimate how many calories you burn out during your workout and much more in the Physical Activity Database (based of the Compendium of Physical Activity Tracking Guide by Ainsworth BE).

A vast food database

Nutrinet offers access to a huge (but user-friendly) database food group based, with detailed valid information and explanation, for helping you in your quest in adhering to a healthier dietary pattern and easier tracking foods. It includes a vast variety of natural foods, recipes, commercially available food products, beverages and drinks, Foods For Special Groups (FSGs) (i.e. baby foods, infant formula, food for special medical purposes), Sport Foods, Diabetic Foods, Gluten Free Foods etc.

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Thousand items in our food database

Make exercise fun

Setting goals and tracking your exercise progress, calories burned gives you the motivation and fun factor you need to involve exercise in your life.

What can you do with Nutrinet?
Find out your needs
Check your nutritional status, find your energy needs, establish your nutrition and physical activity goals, weigh yourself, enter your lab results and check your progress.
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Get the valid information you want from our up-to-date Food Database
Check energy, nutrients, ingedients, detailed informations and much more! You can learn a lot, you can make better nutritional choices!
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Nutrition Calendar: Monitor your daily intake
Self-monitoring consists of recording dietary intake, fluid intake along with physical activity. It helps you be aware of your nutrition behavior, consciously adjust your food intake and monitor your progress
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